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The Strongman Team

Iron Asylum Strongman team was founded in 2015.  It began as a small group of friends who were serious about their training and wanted a dedicated place to get together, and it has grown to a large family with everything you could ever need to advance in the sport.  Attention is given to each person who comes to train, whether you're a regular, or traveling a long distance to meet up with the crew occasionally as many people do.   Iron Asylum features athletes at all levels, from seasoned pro's with many contest wins, to brand new athletes who are just getting started.  One thing remains the same however; everyone is there to work hard, push themselves and each other, and have a good time doing it!

Founder and head coach Lee Woody started competing in Strongman in 2013 after a 10 year hiatus from structured lifting.  A seasoned veteran himself, Lee competed in 27 amateur contest before earning his Pro status in 2016, where he finished second out of the top 20 athletes in the nation.  Not only does he walk the walk, but Lee has quickly become recognized as one of the top strongman coaches in the area, sharing the knowledge his has built over the years to help develop other world class strongman.  Two examples would be his daughter Jordan Woody, three time National Teen Strongman champion, and Mekayla Breland, who recently competed at the World's Strongest Woman contest.

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