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Top of the line powerlifting equipment, including:


Monolift (4)                        Glute Ham Raise                Reverse Hyperextension

Competition Bench (5)     Dumbbells to 150lbs          Power Rack (3)

Safety Squat Bar                Leg Press                            Bands and Chains

Leg Curl                              Deadlift Platform (3)         Cambered Squat bar

4 Texas deadlift bars         3 Bulldog Squat bars         Texas power bars and Bulldog Bench Bars

Battle Rope                         Chest Supported Row       Lat Pulldown

4k+ lbs of plates                 Bicep machine                   Lateral raise machine

Prowler                               Strongman Tire                 Farmer's walk handles

Bumper Plates                   Rogue Olympic Bar           Pec Dec/Rear Delt Machine

Belt Squat                           Duffalo Bar                         Leg Press

Hammer Row/Shrug        Hammer Pulldown            Back Attack

Cable Crossover                Inverse Curl

Team Training (Peak Hours)
Sunday -   11AM - 1PM
Tuesday -   5:30PM- 7:30PM
Thursday- 5:30PM-7:30PM
Saturday-  9:30AM- 12:30PM
Programming is offered as part of the membership, or if your current program is working, you are free to continue.  You are also welcome to join a group, or train by yourself.

Lifting Schedule


We cater to SERIOUS athletes that are looking to progress in their training and continue to make personal improvements. 


We have worked hard to cultivate the right environment and culture, and our members continue to defy their own expectations on a regular basis. 


All we ask is that you leave your ego at the door, and be prepared to work hard!

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